Car Hire In Bali - Seven Tips To Consider 

Why Bali is always become one of the most popular tourist destination in the World? Beautiful nature, friendly people with their unique culture, warm white sand beaches and almost everything that tourist want are available on this island. And this is precisely the reason why Bali is easily accessible from any part of the world, with most of its visitors arriving by air. Almost all major airlines serve flight routes to and from Bali, and almost all international airports in the world offer discounted ticket prices, almost every day.

Once in Bali, the best way to explore this isle is by hiring a car, which can really open up your travel horizons and let you explore some untouched and undiscovered locales. Fulfill your desire to enjoy the picturesque countryside on almost at the entire island by driving away from the bustling beach scene, a few kilometers inland. Enjoy a trip down the winding country roads while enjoying the beauty of the lush green carpeted mountainside, the village with its ancient traditions, the temple on the hillside and the beautiful places on the island as well as medieval relics. Planning is essential if you want your trip to be easy and smooth. So car hire is indeed the most realistic option for you.

Some of the tips on the Do's and Don'ts of renting a car in Bali below might be help.

1. Plan in advance:

Careful planning is important to avoid getting stuck at the airport without knowing how to find your hotel and how to get around the island. Indeed, there are many transportation options that are ready to serve you at the airport, but to choose the one that suits your needs will definitely take up the most of your time. Plus, you also have to avoid in getting stuck with unreasonable price quotes with additional hidden costs then you will be given an unreliable car that is usually done by unscrupulous car rental service providers. Book a car to a trusted car hire service to avoid that matter. Avoid stress on your vacation by knowing the car hire services available in the area you are going to visit by doing research online beforehand. In deciding which car rental company to choose during the holidays, real consumer reviews and experiences will help a lot. To get a good price while on your vacation, negotiate for discount or reduction in price.

2. Car booking:

Compare and contrast the offers that provided by the car hire companies carefully after getting the quotes online. The comparisons matters of these companies are rental rates, mileage, car pick-up and delivery points, insurance coverage, car type and other parameters. If you book the car again every time you reach your next destination, it will probably cost you more than if you chose a more economical package (such as if you are traveling to more than one place in an area) which offered by several companies. You will get better vacations package rates as well as car rental services that are offered by some of the most popular travel agencies if you entrust all your vacation arrangements to them. Also, always keep a printed copy of your confirmation with you while traveling to avoid any last moment confusions.

3. Pay attention to the hidden cost:

Sometimes the car rental companies don't include some additional fees in their quote, such as the additional fees you will have to pay if you select a drop-off and / or pick-up area outside of their coverage areas. Make sure you confirm your booking after your doubts are gone about all the terms that you don't understand. You could be charged extra if you ask for a car topped with fuel, or don't return the car with a full tank and these charges could be way more than that at the gas station.

Additional costs for insurance will also be charged to you if you want the car you'll hire to be covered by insurance. Rental rates that include insurance coverage are offered by several companies, but usually additional insurance costs are charged by most companies.

Also sometimes your banks offer some kind of insurance policies if you use their services elsewhere, so check if car insurance is one of them. You might not need an additional insurance at all!

4. Mileage:

A certain number of mileage excess may be tolerated but there will be a fee for the rest, while unlimited mileage is also offered by several car rental companies. The choice is in your hand.

5. Taxes:

Depending on where from you hire a car, you could be charged additional taxes. It is wise to ask your car rental service provider to explain whether this additional cost is included in the rate offered or not.

6. Time:

Most of the car rental companies available in Bali are apply 24 hour based but there several of them which are utilize day and date based. An half hour delay in returning the car from the specified time / hour will result additional rental fees for the next 24 hours, be careful in coordinating the return time to avoid unnecessary additional charges. Also, always remember that hiring a car for the entire week is often cheaper than five days!!

7. Car Size/Type:

Economy, family, full size 2/4-door, within your budget and luxury are the common vehicle classes that most car rental dealers offer to their customers. In general, these cars are equipped with power steering, air conditioning and radio, which are the standard equipment for car rental. Rent a car that accommodates you the best; a small car is enough for a small family of 4 while one would need to opt for a MPV for more than 5 grown ups. Sometimes you'll get a free upgrade, and you'll always save on the quoted price.

There are so many trusted Bali car rental and offer good prices with good service on the island, even if you need a driver to make your trip easier, they will be happy to prepare one.

Before completing your booking, be sure to read carefully all the terms and conditions, policies and others that are provided by the company concerned, regardless of what your vacation plans are, understand all the details of your car hire in Bali.